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How Drop Local UK Works

Here is a simple explanation of how our system works including registering, claiming and delivering. To be able to do any of this, you will need to Register with Drop Local UK.

1. Business Registers Delivery

When a local business needs something to be delivered, they login to DropLocalUK and add a delivery.

They are asked to provide a range of information including details about the package, where it is to be picked up from, where it needs to be delivered to and by what date and time. If they don't specify a date and time, then that will be set to 7 days in the future.

They are then taken through a quick payment process with PayPal where they pay £3 to register the delivery.

NOTE: We are working on some new functionality where business owners can buy a bunch of tokens which will save making individual £3 payments and that is due by mid-July.

2. Driver Sees Delivery & Claims

Once that process is complete, any driver that covers both the collection and delivery address will immediately see it in the Available Deliveries part of their account.

If the driver is able to make that delivery, they claim the delivery and that is done on a first come first served basis.

Once the driver has claimed a delivery, the business owner is notified by email with the details of the driver is carrying out the delivery along with a photo.

3. Driver Arranges Pick-up

Now the business and the driver are in contact with each other, between them they make arrangements for the package to be collected and delivered.

4. Driver Delivers & Marks

Then it is over to the driver which collects the package from the business and delivers it to the address specified.

Once they have done that, the driver marks the package as delivered and the business owner is alerted by email. Drivers are paid £2 for every delivery that they successfully deliver.

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How It Works

Our simple explanation of how our system works including registering, claiming and delivering.

How It Works
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Local Business

As a Local Business, we think you are best concentrating on the things that you do best and leaving the deliveries to trusted, local delivery drivers.

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Delivery Drivers

As a Local Delivery Driver, we understand that you want to support local business and also that you want to get paid properly.